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59" Wide Chocolate Recliner Chair

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No need to sacrifice looks for comfort. This recliner serves up both with a richly relaxed sense of style. Earthy upholstery is ultra soft with a plush, textured nap for an added layer of interest. Overstuffed pillow armrests are custom made for lazy afternoon catnaps. Nicely discreet, the subtle pull tab takes the pleasure of reclining to a higher level.


  • The reclining mechanism features infinite positions for comfort
  • Upholstered in a warm earth tone called Toletta-Chocolate.
  • There are tension springs at the sides that can be removed to manually operate the footrest.
  • This is powered by a motor and a 9 volt battery can be used as backup.
  • Recliner needs to be at least 6" from the wall
  • Lock into position: No
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Does not lay flat when fully reclined