FAQs for First-Time Parents

Congratulations! Your becoming parents to your first baby! The journey is one for the books, literally, write it all down in your baby book! These moments to come will be forever treasured, and you will want to relive them when its all said and done. One of the main things you want to do to get ready for your little one's arrival is to prepare their nursery. This is where you will spend sleepless nights rocking them to sleep, changing their diaper, reading them books and watching them play. This place is their special part of the home just for them, though trust me, they will also own the rest of your home as well. Parents receive an overwhelming amount of advice during pregnancy. Sometimes it can make your head spin, as if it already isn't already spinning between pregnancy brain and baby preparations. Here, we are going to try and ease your mind and answer some of your questions you might have about preparing the nursery.

First we will address the rocking chair. Do you need one? The answer is yes! This thing is going to save your life, and save you some sleep, every minute will count. In the very beginning with your newborn, you'll be in your rocking chair very frequently. Newborns sleep and eat on a 2-3 hours schedule. Rocking is a comforting motion to newborns and will help you get them to sleep. The sooner they get to sleep the sooner you do. It will be helpful for the next year or two as well. Getting a fussy teething baby to bed isn't the easiest thing. Rocking chairs will be your saving grace.

Next we have changing tables is it a must have? Not really. Though it does serve a purpose, and if you have one, you will probably use it. But it will be short lived. Once your baby is on the go, so will the changing of diapers. You will find your self changing diapers on the floor, on the couch, on your bed, or really where ever its convenient for your baby. Unless your changing table has a dresser built in, I would save your money on a changing table.

What kind of lighting should you have in your nursery? A lamp is going to be the best option. They have soft low lighting for those 2 a.m. feedings. Probably best to have one next to your rocking chair, but not directly in your baby's face. The lower the light the better the chance you will be able to get your baby back to sleep.

Does my baby really need a mobile? This is another thing that isn't necessary, but if you have one it will be used. Then again it also depends on the child, some aren't interested in the least, and other cant sleep without it. These days there are tons of options from singing light up fish tanks that hook to the side to the simple wind up ones that sing a lullaby. With all the options out there, if you decide you want to try one out, odds are you will find one you and your baby will like.

Lastly, do I need a baby monitor? YES. Unless you're co-sleeping or you're a light sleeper and happen to sleep right next to the crib, your going to want one. Its going to allow you to do your cleaning, cooking or whatever you're doing around the house without having to check on the baby every two minutes to make sure your little one is still sleeping. Its also a lifesaver, so you can hear your baby cry while you're asleep in your own bed so you don't accidentally sleep through their crying.

With the rest of your nursery, it comes down to what you would like to have. You will find out once your going through the process on your own with what you need and what is a waste of money. The decorating and picking the theme is always the best part, it helps you bond with your sweet baby before their arrival. Preparing the nursery doesn't have to be stressful, its one of the first things you get to do for your little one. Enjoy, every moment, they go by fast. The nursery is going to hold many memories to come! Good luck and congradulations again!