How To Choose A Baby Crib For The Nursery

One of the few times you may leave your little one unattended is when they are asleep in a baby crib, so you would want to choose an infant bed that is safe and firm enough for better protection. A majority of mothers will look to purchase baby cribs when they are still pregnant mostly before the third trimester begins. While mothers may hold off until they know the sex of their newborn so that they determine the right crib to choose, there is need to plan ahead of time.

Bear in mind some sellers of cribs may take a long duration to ship your baby crib, ergo, you don’t want to keep waiting for day or weeks after you have already delivered the baby. Make the decision early in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Baby cribs can be purchased in traditional bed and furniture stores or online stores. That said, there are things you might need to consider when you buy online.

Age of the crib
While it is not advisable to purchase old used cribs for a newborn, at times, you may be compelled by circumstances to get one that is pre-owned. But old cribs can present potential risks to the baby. Some may have loose fittings and parts that poses risks of injury to a baby. On top of that, cribs that were designed long time ago might not have taken into consideration the emerging new safety guidelines that are being revised time in time.

Newer models are likely to have designs that take into considerations the safety guidelines. Old cribs may also consist of lead paint, splinters, or slats that might be too far apart, all of which pose dangers to babies. Due to aging of these old cribs, they may be unstable. Before you make the decision to buy an old crib, make sure it does not have sharp edges, peeling paint, protruding metal, or other dangers. Otherwise, you would better go for the new ones.

Accommodates age of the baby
Your baby will be growing from the time you buy the crib. Since you will need to use it for about 2 to 3 years, you need to make sure that it will remain useful within that period. Choose a crib that allows for safety and sturdiness as the baby grows. The best cribs will be able to last for the period the infants will be using them considering that they will grow in age.

The mattress
The mattress you choose needs to be comfortable and of the right thickness and density. A crib mattress should fit tightly against the walls of the bed. When you select a loose fitting mattress, there are chances of the baby easily getting stuck between mattress edges and the walls of crib when wiggling around. You can see if the gap is safe by using your fingers. If you poke around the sides and two fingers can fit in, then it means the gap is too big to ensure safety, and the baby may be trapped inside the gap.

One important thing when you purchase baby cribs is to check the materials used to design them. The frames, railings, bedding sets, and general structure need to have materials that cannot harm the baby or pose environmental degradation when disposed of.

Safety above all
Malpractices and insufficient research on the safety and use of infant beds has raised concerns on the designs available in the market with some of them being recalled and banned for sale. One thing you should never forget when choosing a crib is its safety. It may not be apparent to you some of the designs that may look attractive to the eye may not meet safety standards.

There are mandatory and voluntary safety standards that buyers should consider. You need to avoid choosing crib bumpers that have padding attaching to inside of the railings for cushioning the four sides. While some crib bedding include these bumpers, they may not be safe for use. Such bumpers may increase the risks of having sudden Infant Death Syndrome- SIDS.

While the decorations may be important, you might want to choose a crib that has simplicity in design while ensuring that safety, stability, size, and comfort are achieved. You can visit to find out more about baby cribs and the best designs and models that you can purchase.

Happy Shopping!